Near Field Communication: a m-Commerce connectivity application

  • João Rosado de Sousa InCentea
Keywords: Near Field Communication (NFC), mobile devices


With the evolution of technology and the speed of wireless communications, more and more mobile devices (cell phones/ PDAs) are acting as computing end points. In other words, because of the features they provide and fast connection to the Internet, mobile applications have small differences from a normal desktop computer or laptop. Obviously, the issue of human interface continues to be a limitation given the small size of the devices, but substantial progress is expected in this area. This assumption suggests that in the near future, the applications available in all types of devices - fixed and mobile - will converge. However, there will always be unique characteristics for mobile devices, including applications for the identification of custom applications. The technology of Near Field Communication (NFC) opens up a new set of features for users, substantially improving interactivity because it takes human behavior into account when accessing systems.
Executive Perspectives