The Concept of Europe

  • Grahame Lock ULHT


First of all I should like to thank the President and members of this Assembly and the Universidade Lusófona for the honour of this invitation to speak to you on the topic of ‘The Concept of Europe’1. What I shall try to do today is to give you a few brief indications concerning some of the different and indeed diverse concepts of Europe which have risen (and sometimes fallen) in the course of European history; to relate these to contemporary European problems, with a few words on the United States; and finally to focus on one particular notion, that of European governance, which now plays a significant role in the orientation of European Union policy. These are themes of rather different kinds, ranging from philosophical history to considerations on present-day politics. I hope that I can convince you that they nevertheless have enough to do with each other to be worthy of joint discussion in a single talk.