Adult Intussusceptum - A Clinical Case

  • Pedro Carvalho CHTV - Centro Hospitalar de Torres Vedras
  • Rosário Roque CHTV - Centro Hospitalar de Torres Vedras
  • Lygia Lopes CHTV - Centro Hospitalar de Torres Vedras
Palavras-chave: intussusception, adult, organ damage, occlusion, surgical resection


The intussusception (intussusceptum) corresponds to the sliding of a portion of an intestinal segment into the lumen of an intestinal segment immediately adjacent the peristaltic effect, leading to the clinical picture of mechanical intestinal obstruction.It is a relatively common cause of intestinal obstruction in the first two years of life. In adults, it is a rare condition and is associated in most cases with organ damage, usually neoplastic nature. It has a nonspecific clinical picture.The classic triad of abdominal pain, palpable mass and rectal examination is present in less than 30% of patients. Currently the best test is a complementary ultrasound exam. The treatment should involve surgical resection of the involved segment avoiding reduction by other means than surgery. In the present papers, authors present a case of colic intussusception ileoileo-by fibroid polyp.
Ciências Biomédicas / Biomedical Sciences