Vibroacoustic Disease - A Review

  • Nuno Castelo Branco ERISA | Lusófona
  • Mariana Alves-Pereira ERISA | LUSÓFONA
Palavras-chave: infrasound, low frequency noise, acoustical spectrum, occupational, environmental


This is a review paper covering 30 years of research into the biological response to infrasound and low frequency noise (< 500 Hz) exposure. As a result of the endeavors of a multidisciplinary team based in Portugal, vibroacoustic disease (VAD) has been defined as a noise-induced pathology characterized by the abnormal growth of collagen in the absence of inflammatory processes. A chronological review of findings is described and the clinical phases of VAD (for occupational noise exposures) are identified. Medical examinations used to diagnose VAD are also included. In 2008, VAD was recognized by the Portuguese Ministry of Labor as a cause for occupational disability in a flight attendant. The goal of this report is to provide clinical and biomedical information on VAD to a wider public.
Ciências Biomédicas / Biomedical Sciences