From Architecturology to Architecturological research

  • Caroline Lecourtois


This paper presents a genesis of the French research field of Architecturology, from its creation to the current researches developed from it, at ARIAM-LAREA (National School of Architecture of Paris-la-Villette Laboratory of modeling for computer aids of cognitive activity of conception).

Architecturology has been thought at the creation of French Schools of Architecture that has been initiated with the French movement of 1968 May. Its major aim is to build specific knowledge on architecture for learning architecture. The first book of the beginnings of this scientific field is “Sur l’espace architectural” written by Ph. Boudon and published in 1971.

It’s currently constituted with a scientific systemic language and a paradigm that help to explain cognitive activity of design named by it, conception. This scientific language has been published in “Enseigner la conception architecturale: cours d’architecturologie” written by Ph. Boudon, Ph. Deshayes, F. Pousin and F. Shatz, and published in 1994 and in 2000, in “Echelle(s)” published in 2002 and which gathers different articles of Ph. Boudon and, in different articles of the team of LAREA - Ph. Boudon, Ph. Deshayes, F. Pousin, F. Shatz and C. Lecourtois.

From this scientific language and the paradigm of Architecturology, I develop methods for extending the field of knowledge of this point of view by doing researches in architecture. These methods are gathered into the concept of Applied Architecturology.

In 2005, LAREA has merged with a research team interested in Computer Aided Design, named ARIAM. To create ARIAM-LAREA, we have built a new research program on Computer Aided Conception where we use Applied Architecturology for 1) producing new knowledge on implications of Computer in cognitive activity of design and 2) developing new software to Support some operations of conception.

This paper exposes my current research work and three theses that I co-lead at ARIAMLAREA on this object.

Keywords: Architecturology, Applied Architecturology, cognitive activity of design, conception, operations of conception.

Biografia Autor

Caroline Lecourtois

Ariam-Larea / ENSAPLV / Architecte; Docteur en aménagement de l'espace; Maître assistant des écoles d'architecture / Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris la Villette.