Pedagogical Implication for International Cooperation in Architectural Design Studio

  • Havva Alkan Bala University, Engineering and Architecture Faculty, Department of Architecture, Konya, TURKEY
  • Marc Bussiere SAIT Polytechnic, Architectural Technologies, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA


International cooperation in architectural design studio is an important topic which addresses many issues facing educators today, especially in terms of an increasing international practice and exploring the advances in communication technology. Architecture has transformed in a professional field which the universal concepts like sustainability is the main focuse point while designing. In order to give consciousness to the students becoming “world citizens” and to design with “universal values”, educators must create alternative educational circumstance to increase their students’ vision of their role in this profession.

In this article, a specific teaching methodology which supports the international cooperation issue in the design studio is presented as teaching/learning experience. SAIT Polytechnic Architectural Technologies in Calgary-Canada and Selçuk University Department of Architecture in Konya- Turkey carried out a pilot project in international cooperation.

Architectural Education