Le concept de modèle dans l’enseignement de la conception architecturale

  • Hayet Kadi Université USTO, Département d’Architecture, Oran, Algérie


As architectural design cannot be satisfied for its own knowledge, it requires a conceptual work, which can be interpreted as "design concepts", and can only be formulated through a modeling; architecturologic scale is regarded here, as a design operator. This study clarify how can architecturology understand the cognitive mechanisms of the design from graphic expression taken as supports for indicial signs of architectural labor. To respond to the need of combining living and creation spaces, Le Corbusier approached the design of the artist’s house, through the metaphor of tools. By proceeding to a modeling reading, we shall try to bring out a conceptual model that may solve the problem. The purpose is an essential component of a model, since it conditions the way the modeler is going to select the elements of reality, he deems relevant to answer the question on one hand, and build relationships between these elements on the other. To understand the design process leading to the artist's house, we thus suggest analyzing the put problem by means of architecturologic scales. The proposed answer (or program) will be tested on a second building to evaluate its relevance.

Architectural Education