Considering the Diagram and Design Research

  • Anthony Burke Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias


While there has been much written on the role of the drawing in architecture as aform of re-presentation and reflective practice, this paper argues that the diagram asa specific graphic type, is an essential generative component of design research andcentral to claims for innovation or the production of new knowledge throughcontemporary design, yet not understood in the context of design research moregenerally. As an abstract and highly idiosyncratic form of notation, the diagramuniquely situates innovation within visual forms of enquiry. This paper speculates onhow diagrams communicate, both internally to the discipline and externally to newextra-disciplinary research fields as a function of innovation, and in this sense, whatwork in terms of design research they do.Keywords: Architecture, diagram, Innovation, design research, representation