‘TRANSREAL’ TOPOGRAPHIES_ Manifesting the Unconscious

  • Diony Kypraiou Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias


Drawing largely upon a study of the ‘transreal’1 topographies of the late 19th century,with a focus on the Freudian topographic constructions through drawings and criticalreviews of Freud’s own writings, this paper examines the role of the unconscious as adrive in the creative design process and its impact on the conception, perception andexperience of space. In an attempt to examine the relation between the Freudianunconscious and the space, this paper presents a set of constructed topographies,including the actual psychoanalytical setting and, a recreation of Freud’s desk, as themanifested topography of his own unconscious. Operating as an analogical act of‘unearthing’ that ‘brings to light’ a multiplicity of layers where unconscious appearsanalogous to physical space; this paper aims at a negotiation of ‘transreal’topographies as extended projections of instincts, desires, fantasies and fears; a siteof mutation that-‘as an expanse of ruins’-demands a disruption to reveal the depthof its spatiality.Key words: topography, Freud, unconscious, transreal, archaeology, excavation