A passage in action research

  • António Coxito Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias


With different conditions and levels, one can find in contemporary wealthy societiespotential situations for the intervention of the architect where it is assumed anintentional avoidance of their presence, that can result in squats, ecovillages or manyunnoticed who seek autonomy from something or someone.While in a theoretical research on architecture without architects a systematicenquiry can be produced without taking the part of the subject, in practice basedresearch on the same subject, to keep its character can result in an artifact not validvis-a-vis the architects practice, albeit presenting the printed document with theappropriate tools and methods for an academic research.In the present research it is simulated a situation of scarcity, including the absence ofthe presence of the architects skills.Keywords: action research, autonomy, contemporary vernacular, college of soundconstruction, utopia