Why architectural design and research are not more relevant in the real world?

  • Urša Komac Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias


Architecture, to be successful, has to be influential and relevant. It cannot thrive byitself, apart from the world. Resources are limited. Costs and benefits are not borneonly by the client. The growing suburbia, based on standardised vulgarisation ofstyles of the past has become to be the most successful contemporary residentialtypology. Suburbia is not only prevalent, in its most vile form, in North America and,in a more amiable form, in Europe, but it’s threatening to attract the aspirationalmiddle class in the overpopulated, thriving emerging economies. The ongoing transferof the office park, shopping mall and detached suburban house model is leading toconstruction of horrendously unliveable mega-non-cities like Jakarta or Kuala Lumpur.I believe architects should influence decision-makers on the search of alternatives tomake cities walkable, cyclable, connected, and efficient. These alternatives must liebeyond the mixture of naïveté and kitsch of the so-called New Urbanism.Keywords: Suburbia, Image Architecture, Public Space and City