Learning from Markethall

  • Julián Keppl et all Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias


Faculty of Architecture in cooperationstudent studio project. Its main topicof Old Market hall in Bratislava. Objectiveoperational and social qualities to thiswork ranged from analytical to the realization1:1 scale or prototypes of critical detailssigned architectural interventions, solvedquently constructed those details in thetails often resulted in the change ofstudio aimed at promoting active working the design process.Keywords: Markethall, architecture, interventions,AE... Revista Lusófona de Arquitectura e EducaçãoArchitecture & Education Journal279Ecologic and Experimental Architecture ( Faculty ofof Ecologic and Experimental Architecture.with the Alliance Old Market hall initiated awas architectural interventions to the buildingwas to bring new aesthetic, functional,historic piece of architecture. Scope of studiophase. The results were prototypes inof the designed architecture. Students desolvedcritical construction details and subsetheworkshop. Adjusting or correcting these deofthe whole architectural concept. This designwith construction details and prototypes durinterventions,prototype, methodology
Oct 19, 2014
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