• Vol. 1 No. 1 (2009)

    It is a fact that there is an ongoing revolution in the field of mobile services. New strategic considerations on mobile-services have promoted a discussion around the realities of a new era of services and the infrastructures required by this change. Services provided have to be adapted to the users’ demands and needs, therefore it is necessary to understand the human-centred dimensions of mobile services, those which are beyond technology.

    The objective of this issue is to lay the grounds for a discussion around the state-of-the-art, providing academics and practitioners with the opportunity of presenting their contributions and establishing future directions for the emerging and innovative applications in mobile services.

    Some topics of interest for technical papers are listed bellow and do not exclude other relevant themes:

    • Real-world projects relying on Mobile access
    • Key applications to leverage the development/use of mobile web
    • Analysis of the potential demand for data service / mobile web access
    • Challenges to make the Mobile Web a useful resource (not just an usable one)
    • Analysis of value added of the Mobile Web vs. a mobile phone (voice only) vs. personal computer
    • M-Advertising: data concerning the adoption of the service, the value of ‘mobile’ to advertisers, personalisation and targeting, measurement and metrics, defining best practices, privacy issues, emerging trends, key features for a successful mobile campaign.
    • M-Finance: money transfer, m-payments, m-Banking, security, regulation, definition of value chain.
    • M-Government: measurement, politics, votes, security, public sector, education, taxes, census, E-government, information, participation, legislation, platform.
    • Segmentation/Branding: grey market, segmentation tools, user generated content, social networking.
    • Health: monitoring, diagnostics, reporting, emergency, treatment, care.