About the Journal

1st Future of Magazine Conference: Connecting in a disconnected age 19 - 21 July | Lusófona University | Lisbon MagLab is pleased to announce the first edition of the biennial Future of Magazine conference (FoM), organized by CICANT, Lusófona University research center, on 19 - 21 July 2023. FoM 2023 keynotes will be delivered by Nico Carpentier, from the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism, Charles University, on “The magazine assemblage: community, materiality and (format) diversity” and David Abrahamson, from the Northwestern University’s Medill School, on “The future of magazines”.

FoM is an event that brings together a variety of researchers to share insights, ideas and discuss the current status and technical challenges the medium will face in future, as well as issues relevant to the understanding of this field of studies. Papers will be presented as part of a rich conference program, including keynote talks, talking circles, and a full day dedicated to the industry.

We invite contributions that engage with the theme of "Connecting in a disconnected age”, seeking to open conversations about the complex nature of the magazine concept across a range of media.

The absence of a material body in the digital sphere endangers a key identity of magazines, and this is the time for academia and industry to join efforts and reflect on the pertinence and the solutions for the future of the medium. The magazine incorporates an appeal to the aggregation of people looking for common interests and interconnections. In an age when people are in permanent contact, almost on alert twenty-four seven, but at the same time feeling disconnected and lonely, deepening scientific knowledge about magazine studies becomes vital.

A selection of papers presented at the conference will be published in the first edition of the International Journal of Magazine Studies, a peer-reviewed publication seeking Scopus indexing.