3D Negative Space Beyond Stereoscopy

Immersion into the Urban Space of Venice

  • Paolo Parmeggiani


This paper investigates the relationship between photography, stereoviews and visual icons in Venice, and proposes an experimental video that integrates stereoscopic representations with ambient sounds. The article opens with a historical analysis of the stereoviews made in Venice, highlighting the repertoire of subjects, technology and stylistic choices adopted by the most relevant photographers of the late nineteenth century. The second section proposes an experimental project that attempts to replace the Venetian iconic touristic photographs and stereoviews. The aim is to investigate how to help the viewer focus on depth and negative spaces in a virtual space by walking him/her through different parts of the urban layout. The author discusses which of the main features are adopted to create an immersive experience through a digital combination of stereoscopic photography and binaural ambient sounds. The result indicates that it is possible to capture the essence of the 3D experience of a typical touristic sightseeing tour by applying specific digital transformations to a stereoscopic kinematic flow.


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Parmeggiani, P. (2018). 3D Negative Space Beyond Stereoscopy: Immersion into the Urban Space of Venice. International Journal on Stereo & Immersive Media, 1(2), 44-59. Retrieved from https://revistas.ulusofona.pt/index.php/stereo/article/view/6292