As organizações internacionais e a proteção dos direitos dos indígenas no âmbito do Direito Internacional: especial referência ao sistema interamericano de direitos humanos e ao direito brasileiro

  • Catherine Maia
  • Rafael Prado



The purpose of this article is to analyze the role played by key international organizations, particularly those of the UN and the OAS systems in protecting the rights of indigenous peoples under international law. The method adopted for the preparation of this work is descriptive and analytical, applying document analysis based on primary literature sources, especially those arising in organs of the UN and inter-American systems, mainly the jurisprudence from the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. This article starts with the assumption underlying that international organizations have a preponderant role in the need to safeguard and secure the universality and indivisibility of human rights of indigenous peoples. It is argued further that resolutions and conventions emanating from such organizations are absorbed by national legal order of States members, so that, once these standards internalized by States, they can acquire legal force, beyond moral, in order that their liability is accepted.


Keywords: human rights – international organizations – indigenous peoples – international law



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Catherine Maia

Professora Auxiliar da Faculdade de Direito da Universidade Lusófona do Porto

Docente da Universidade de Borgonha e da Universidade Católica de Lille.

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Rafael Prado


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