Notas dispersas sobre algumas normas do C.P.

  • Alexandra Vilela



In this paper it is made a reflection on some rules of the Portuguese Criminal Code. First it is made an analysis of some aspects related to the crime of simple bodily harm, in particular on its public or semi public nature. Thereto, some aspects regarding articles 143, 145 and 146 of the portuguese Criminal Code have to be taken under consideration. Then, in the context of crimes against property, it is analised the legal institute referred to in paragraph 1. of article 206 (restitution or compensation), as well as it subjective scope.

Keywords: Public, semi public and private crimes. Crime of simple bodily harm; crime of aggravated bodily harm; crime of privileged bodily harm; crimes against property; restitution or compensation.



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Alexandra Vilela

Professora auxiliar da Faculdade de Direito da Universidade Lusófona do Porto

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