Intervenções corporais probatórias e direitos fundamentais: compatibilidade e limites

  • Jorge Reis Bravo



In this paper we will essentially consider the relations between the State punitive claim as well as the pursuit of material truth of facts on the one hand, and on the other hand, the admissibility of evidence collected on the body of the accused in criminal investigations. Aware of the multiple and different refractions that this matter involves, especially considering the potential interference of the principle nemo tenetur se ipsum accusare (or privilege against self-incrimination), this approach is illustrated by the critical appreciation of the ECHR decision in the case Bogumil vs. Portugal, trying to reach some propositions (necessarily poor) regarding the specifics of evidence-related body interventions in cases of arrest and detention.

Keywords: Fundamental rights, criminal evidence, body, evidence-related body interventions, admissibility and limits of intervention, specific situations in detention and imprisonment.



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Jorge Reis Bravo

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