Call for Papers Vol.5 No.2


International Journal of Film and Media Arts
Vol 5 No 2 (2020)
GEECT Special issue: Mapping Artistic Research in Film
Issue editors: Manuel José Damásio & Jyoti Mistry

Artistic Research is the proposition of artistic practice and systematic reflection through art itself. It is an epistemic inquiry directed towards advancing knowledge, insight, understanding, and competences that are explored from within inside the discipline even though it mobilizes inter-disciplinary and cross disciplinary approaches to research enquiry. Furthermore, artistic research combines artistic methods with methods from other research traditions facilitating many dimensions of research about/for/through art and draws from research strategies from the empirical sciences and the humanities.  Artistic practice and its focus on research must be distinguished from artistic development where artistic research typically supports the further development of art practice but aims at topics of enquiry with a broader socio-political, cultural and economic significance.

While artistic research (AR) has been acknowledged for over two decades as a significant knowledge base for education in the arts in Higher Arts Education Institutions (HAEIs), its import in film education and media arts has only gained increased momentum over the last several years.  To this end, AR has become a relevant and urgent topic due both to external processes (i.e. accreditation) and internal pressures (i.e. staff capacitation) making it increasingly relevant for film schools.

A special issue on artistic research in film schools is an opportunity to reflect on the multivalent challenges, opportunities, potentialities and possibilities for collaborations that AR affords film schools. The special issue aims to also encourage reflections through case studies of AR projects and PhD supervision experience in film research and film education.

International Journal of Film and Media Arts invites papers that deal with but are not limited to the topics of:

» Examples of creative practice and research in film schools

» Role of critical and contextual theory in film related to artistic research

» The relationship between teaching and research

» Challenges with creating a research dynamic environment in film education

» The relationship between professional practice and artistic research

» Creating or developing doctoral education with a film focus in artistic research

» Any related topics that broadly deal with the role of artistic research in film schools


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Timeline for publication:
Feedback on abstracts – 10th May 2020
Submission of full paper – 30th July 2020
Final revisions – 30th September
Publication date – 30th October