Call for Papers Vol. 9 No. 1



CALL FOR PAPERS Vol. 9 No. 1 (2024)
Fashion, Media and Sustainability

Guest Editors
Niinimaki Kirsi (Aalto University)
Alexandra Cruchinho (Lusófona University)
José Carlos Neves (Lusófona University)

The International Journal of Film and Media Arts welcomes a selection of high-quality papers for an edition dedicated to FL_Fashion Sustainability – International Conference, held by Lusófona University (Lisbon, Portugal), from 3rd to 5th November 2022. This issue is aligned with the FL_Conference edition, in which the theme was - Fashion, Media and Sustainability.

This call, however, accepts proposals for papers from outside the conference.

It is increasingly important to discuss Sustainability in all its variants, at the economic, environmental, and social levels, especially when the focus is on areas such as fashion, whose industry is one of the most responsible for the environmental damage that has been observed, increasingly, over recent times.

If, on one hand, the theme of sustainability refers us to the environmental aspect, it is emergent to discuss this theme under a social perspective where minorities are involved in important processes for the communities, where knowledge and values are valued and citizens, who, at the beginning, could be kept in a much more discrete life in the environment that surrounds them, are inserted in the active life. Papers in which the sustainability approach can be widened, e.g. through lowering the environmental impacts through new design approaches, new kind of aesthetic understanding and even including critical discussions and experimentations are welcome.

Economic sustainability is crucial to the success of business, brands, industry, small and medium-sized enterprises and is also an important area to keep in focus in the discussion. A new kind of economic understanding, new business models and even the aspect of degrowth in the fashion context could be one important track in sustainability knowledge.

This issue of the International Journal of Film and Media Arts invites fashion designers, film-makers, fashion teachers, artists and researchers to submit papers that deal with but are not limited to the topics of:
- Fashion Sustainability;
- Fashion Trends Communication;
- Fashion and Audiovisual for Sustainability;
- Tradition and Identity;
- Education for Sustainability.

Keywords: Fashion Design; Sustainability; Communication; Tradition and Identity; Audiovisual

Full Papers are to be submitted by 10th May 2023.

Provide Word documents (.doc) with:
1. Full Paper. Please read the author's guideline here:

2. BIO, no longer than 50/70 words. Name, Email address, institutional affiliation, country and ORCID.

The author should ensure the anonymised manuscript is correctly prepared for double-blind peer review, by removing any kind of identification or affiliation. The author’s name, profile, ranking and institutional affiliation should only be mentioned in the appropriate submission fields. Revised articles will also be treated confidentially until the date of their publication.

All submitted papers will be subject to a double-blind peer review process performed by at least two reviewers. The review criteria will be as follows:
- Novelty
- Level of contribution
- Validity of the conclusions
- Relevance to the theme of the event
- Theoretical and methodological relevance and originality

Please submit to:  or

Schedule for publication:
Submission of full paper: 10th May 2023
Feedback on full papers: 8th September 2023
Final revisions: 30th January 2024
Publication date: May 2024

Submission online or via email will be made anonymously. Submissions will be reviewed by at least 2 peer reviewers. 

No fees are requested for submission or processing.

Authors should indicate the call for papers they are submitting.