Call for papers Vol. 2 No. 2


The second number of this year’s edition of the International Journal of Film and Media Arts is dedicated to videogames and narratives.

In a time when cinema and videogames discourses are ever more intertwined, this special issue of IJFMA seeks to explore all the possible intersections between videogames and cinema at various levels from narrative structures to visual discourses, from reception oriented research focusing on the audience/user experience to more theoretical research focusing on the aesthetical transformations in cinema discourses that stem from videogames influence. Many authors such as Frank Rose or Oliver Grau have in the past discussed how ours is ever more a culture of immersion and not of illusion and the core role gaming plays in this process. The journal seeks contributions that will establish a common ground in game studies, between academy and industry. By opening its agenda to this topic IJFMA intends to keep at the forefront of the discussion and reflection on the future(s) of film and media arts.




This issue welcomes a diversity of approaches and topics that may contribute to the critical understanding of videogames and narratives. Suggested research topics for contributions include:


Art, Aesthetics and Design of Digital Games

  • Videogames and transmedia (Cinema, Comic, Visual Arts, Music, Literature, Advertising)
  • Narrative, History and Characters
  • Concept Design (spaces and characters)
  • Animation and Vfx
  • Digital Representation and Movement
  • Video Games and Sound
  • Interface Design

Game Studies

  • Ludology
  • Emotion and affectivity in videogames
  • Social, Cultural and Community Studies
  • Business Models and Video Games publishing
  • Gender, Sexuality and Videogames/li>
  • Religion in video games
  • Video game as an emerging genre of Science Fiction
  • Ethics and Videogames
  • Board and Card Games

Games' Development

  • Evolutionary games: Procedurals and content generation
  • Programming and Video Games
  • Computing in Video Games
  • Prototyping and Video Game Development
  • Mathematics, Physics and AI
  • Mobile Development

Game-Based Learning

  • Video Games and Education
  • Gamification
  • Experiences with video games (commercial or serious) in formal and informal education
  • The creation of videogames by the Audience / Learners
  • Games and Education: a historical perspective​
  • Videogames and literacy(s)

Immersion and Presence in Videogames

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Immersive media and simulation
  • Haptic Sensations: Game Experience and Entertainment
  • Tangible interface: Game interaction devices
  • Interface, Interaction, Ergonomics and Usability


Curatorial section

The curatorial section provides researchers and artists with open, experimental and creative displays of media arts research and provides readers with interactive research experiences. It allows for the combination of inter-media modes of display, using multiple text design with the potential of mixing it with image, motion and sound. Contributions regarding the current open topic are welcome.




Guest Editors: Filipe Luz (ECATI, ULHT) Daniel Cardoso (ECATI, ULHT. FCSH, UNL)


Publication schedule

Call for papers: 27 September to 7 December 2017. Early submission is encouraged.

Communication of decision to authors: 15 December

Publication: December 2017


Submit paper here.