‘Videogametism’: Consolidating the recognition of video games as an art form

  • Marco Fraga da Silva Lusófona University


Because video games are still considered ’low culture’ by many whilst being one of the most important art forms of the XXI century, this pa­per proposes a new concept for the field of game studies with the main goal of being a useful tool for the consolidation of the artistic recognition of the medium. A few countries have officially recognized video games as an art form and im­plemented legislation to support video game artists and their work; unfortunately, many gov­ernments still do not recognize this artistic field. For video games to achieve a widespread artistic legitimation it is necessary more critical thinking and institutional validation. The proposed neolo­gism – ‘videogametism’ – is an appropriation of the Eisensteinian concept of ‘cinematism’ and, as Sergei Eisenstein’s legitimation term, ‘videog­ametism’ intends to support the recognition of video game artistic status, asserting that all art forms are present in this medium and that some artistic artifacts are ‘videogamatic’.