Designerly Modus of Wandering and Shared Film Creation in “Corpos Palimpsésticos”: Artistic creations in times of socio-affective contingencies

  • Flávio Almeida LabCom/UBI - Faculty of Arts and Letters of the University of Beira Interior UNIDCOM/IADE - Design and Communication Research Unit, IADE–Universidade Europeia (Portugal)
  • Renata Ferraz LabCom/UBI - Faculty of Arts and Letters of the University of Beira Interior / CIEBA Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Lisbon (Portugal)


“Corpos Palimps sticos”1 emerged in 2020, in a moment of worldwide pandemic due to Covid-19 and because of the end of our relationship as lovers. Soon after our separation, and thanks to the call for proposals of the Residency Program “Residências em Residências Circolando / Central Elétrica 2020 – FASE 2”, the idea of mourning the separation through a creative gesture was born. The fruition of artistic objects in their physical places has been interrupted due to the restriction to people gathering in closed spaces. This new reality has forced artists to rethink the format of their works so they could reach a public that, without the usual places, is now reterritorialized in a digital environment. Thus, the project’s goal was the production of video-performances and the constant online sharing of our creation process. The project had an interdisciplinary approach, and although design and filmmaking were the privileged areas, the work also included text creation, photography, music, and scientific research. We will analyse here existing approaches of creation methods such as co-creation in documentary, art-based research, art thinking and a recontextualization of design thinking in order to reframe these modes of creation in “Corpos Palimps sticos”. By using more than a single methodology, we are interested in a process where our areas of research/creation can dialogue randomly in a non-hierarchical way.

Once the residency was over, we systematized the creation process that gave rise to this text. Finally, we created the term “Designerly Modus of Wandering” and used the term “Shared Film Creation” of a previous research to base our creative journey in the areas of design and film creation.