Precarious Subjectivities and Neoliberal Reconstruction of Modern Family 


Parasite (Bong Joonho, 2019) attracted global viewers by addressing the intensifying class stratification and Neo-liberal reconstruction of global economy in the contemporary world. Parasite uniquely features class issues and social criticism instead of depicting typical class struggles between the rich and the poor. Parasite addresses the class structure in transition and highlights the precarious class on the margin. By personalizing class relations into family relations, Parasite features the changing family system along with the breakup of the conventional family. Parasite picks up the very point of this social change and the transformation of family types.

Author Biography

Sunny Yoon, Hanyang University

Sunny Yoon is a professor in the Department of Media and Communication at Hanyang University, Korea. She has published widely on Asian media, cinema, media technology, and audience studies. She is the author of the book Social media and cultural politics of Korean pop culture in East Asia (Routledge 2023).