Rust, Mold, and Cracks: Post-Dualist Approaches on Spaces and Images


Using the piece of video art “Rust, Mold, and Cracks”, created by the author, this paper addresses questions related to space, ruins, and different temporalities. Calling upon the authors Georg Simmel and Milton Santos, the text proposes an approach to ruins that goes further than dualist concepts such as abandoned/not abandoned, or modern/outdated. It also discusses the role of Nature in this scenario. In light of this situation, space and time are under mutable reorganisation, as pointed out by David Harvey. Different arrangements between them shall produce diverse modernities. Considering images as objects resulting from this spatiotemporal modification, this article comments on their accumulation.

Author Biography

Lucas Rossi Gervilla, São Paulo State University (Brazil)/ Universität Greifswald (Germany)

Lucas Rossi Gervilla (M.A.) is a PhD student at São Paulo State University, with exchange periods at the University of Greifswald and the Berlin University of Arts (DAAD scholarship holder). He has a bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Communication. For almost 20 years, he has worked as a visual artist. His current research examines various relationships between ruins and memories and how arts can convey them.