Sonic Alchemist: AI’s Role in Amplifying Creativity in Film Sound

  • Vytis Puronas Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre


Defying mainstream views of AI as tools that mimic or replace human input, this paper presents Sonic Alchemist: an avant-garde AI software taking a fresh approach to sound design. Built on the Beginner’s Mind principles, it empowers users to defy familiar paths and habits, fostering collaboration between human and machine. Unique features like automatic sound effects matching and a weight-based sound selection system further enhance this partnership. User feedback and case studies highlight Sonic Alchemist’s capacity to evoke new insights and unexpected solutions, reinforcing its role as a creative ally. Analysis of industry reception and user responses during testing underscores its potential to transform sound design in visual media. This study underlines the enduring significance of human originality, even in the AI era, portraying Sonic Alchemist as an inspiration tool and a champion of human creativity. It asserts that the willingness to unlearn and rediscover is key in creative innovation, even when assisted by advanced AI tools.

Author Biography

Vytis Puronas, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

Vytis Puronas is a film sound designer, re-recording mixer, and composer. Associate Professor at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, he has taught and presented in Australia, the United States, Singapore, and the UK. Creator of ‘Sonic Alchemist’ software, his extensive filmography has earned him three Silver Crane nominations.