Bio-Jewelry, Sustainability and the Brazilian Jewelry Design: Reflections

  • Heloísa Dornellas University of São Paulo
  • Cláudia Regina Garcia Vicentini University of São Paulo


The impact of the production chain of conventional jewelry has reached alarming levels in recent years, especially the deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon region and the unregulated activity of mining companies. The consequent concern with human interference in the environment has influenced the change of paradigms in contemporary jewelry design, boosting what we know today as bio-jewelry. These are inserted in the “era of ecoresponsible creativity”, as called by Lipovetsky (2015), in which the ethical dimension of respect for the environment is added to product development projects in today’s world. Bio-jewelry is a product intrinsically linked to Brazilian culture, being considered an identity and heritage asset, with a sustainable appeal, valuing regional raw materials and the craftwork communities of Brazil. Taking this as the object of analysis, the present study has as a methodological basis the exploratory qualitative research, of descriptive character, through a literature review. Thereby, it was possible to point out the rise of bio-jewelry in the contemporary scenario. By joining natural elements richly found in the country, with noble materials, the creation of bio-jewelry with a differentiated design can be seen as an instrument of innovation and boosting in the national and international jewelry market.