Fashion and New Technologies: From Fashion Film to Expanded Reality - Castelo Branco Moda

  • Alexandra Cruchinho CICANT/ Lusófona University
  • Neel Naik ESART/ IPCB
  • Selma Pereira ISMAT


One of the ways that the designers and the fashion brands select to present and advertise their new collection to the market, the press and the consumer is through the fashion show.

In a national context, these fashion shows, which can be for the brand or the designer or multi-brand, have very similar formats, however, at the international level, we can find numerously diverse approaches to the aesthetics of the fashion show of a brand or a designer. The use of digital technologies has become an already adopted alternative in some fashion shows of international reference. Digital technologies seek to make the virtual experience of consumers as close as possible to reality, whether in the direct sale of a product or the promotion of an individual product, brand or lifestyle, through a concept or idea. Fashion film, with its more conceptual, independent and bold nature, has been contributing to the diffusion of the border between the virtual and the real and to create unique experiences for the audiences. Thus, it has been gaining a strong presence in the world of fashion and has conquered diverse audiences.

This work presents some examples of international fashion shows that resorted to the use of various applications of digital technologies and, more specifically, the case study of Castelo Branco Moda #19 and the use of audiovisual for the creation of a fashion film outlining the concept and opening of the fashion show.